Wrapping Paper Dilemna

By Shara Koplowitz

Wrapping Paper Dilemna

I find that most people have a couple of rolls of wrapping paper in their home at all times.  I have found most rolls shoved in a cabinet that doesn’t quite fit it and bent in the middle or under beds layered in dust or in a hall closet and it falls out every time something is moved, etc.

People have come up with many ways to hang their paper while others have created entire  rooms and/or wrapping stations in their homes. I love to wrap gifts and I believe the packaging is a large part of the gift, but I’ve always thought I was in the minority.  Most people hang onto to scraps of paper, a  foot and a half of holiday wrap from the previous year or leftover wrapping from another from a gift given years earlier. There are those that buy supplies and have full rolls somewhere in their house…somewhere.

Here are my thoughts on wrapping paper, ribbon, blank cards, etc.

My first thought is that if you don’t buy gifts often or the type of gifts you purchase are sent online or wrapped by the store then just get rid of the paper.  You probably don’t even have enough to cover an entire gift and if you do, you will most likely buy new paper not remembering that you have this ugly and outdated paper at home.

If you do enjoy wrapping gifts, like I do, there are a couple of solutions I’ve seen to manage all gift wrapping paraphernalia without having to devote an entire room or closet to the task OR store one of those ugly wrapping paper storage bins somewhere in your home.  These are some that I consider useful, practical and non-intrusive:



Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: April 29, 2013