Back To School Ready

By Shara Koplowitz

Back To School Ready


With the kids Back to School, now is the perfect time to put systems in place that will keep you and your family organized.

The following two systems will help you keep things running smoothly all year long.


Whether your home has a mudroom or just a few feet of wall space,

creating a ‘Drop Zone” where your family can “drop” their belongings upon entering the house

is one of the most effective ways to avoid misplacing things and will get you out the door with far less stress.


Consider the following when deciding where to put your Drop Zone:


Location: The ideal location is near the door your family enter and exits through.

Lighting: There should be enough lighting to prevent hidden corners.

Space: Is there enough space to accommodate the amount of things needed to

ensure the space serves its purpose.  If space permits, a trashcan can prevent unwanted items

from making their way any further into the house


Your  Drop Zone  is a great place to house:




Purses/ Briefcases


Gym bags


Seasonal items ( gloves, scarves, hats, umbrellas, etc.)


Drop Zone  is the last area seen every morning before leaving the house,  making it a great spot for reminders, including:


Papers that need to be signed and returned or mailed

Library books

Shopping returns

Lunch money

Charging station for phones & tablets

Dry erase board for last minute reminders & notes


The key to staying organized is having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. 
The family "Command Center”  is a centralized hub to keep information, schedules, mail and reminders. 

It helps family members stay in the loop, quickly access things that are happening right now or

need further action and prevent things from slipping through the cracks.



By answering the following three questions, you can set up a  Command Center that really works for you:


What goes in it it

 Customization is the key to success.  Your life will dictate what to include in your Command Center. 


- Gather the following:  Items that you use on a daily basis: directories, phone lists, sports & activities schedules,

calendar, etc.Mail , bills, invitations, etc..All incoming paperwork, scraps of papers with reminders,

notes, prescriptions, tickets, etc.


                                                                                        - Separate into categories and pile:  Things that require follow up or further action, Things to add to your calendar,

Things that require payment, things that require further action, reminders, etc..

Each family member and information that pertains to them


Where do you want to put it

 The ideal place for a "Command Center is somewhere that can serve as a visual reminder and is convenient for everyone in the family.

 Think about where most of your paperwork is piling up now.  Is there a suitable area nearby?


Whats it going to look like

A great command center is a perfect mix of organization, function, and style.

Your piles will dictate the components you will need in your Command Center. Do they require folders, a cork or magnetic board, containers, bins, etc.

Have a look at the different types of Command Centers below and see which one works for you.





With a little training and maintenance, your Drop Zone and Command Center will become welcome additions to your family's routine!




Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: September 11, 2017