Plastic Free

By Shara Koplowitz

Plastic Free


Are you trying to go plastic-free? 

This came up recently when a client wanted a plastic-free pantry.  Glass and natural fiber containers are one simple way to cut back on plastic. 

Here is a list of other “easy” ways to cut back on your plastic consumption:
Use reusable shopping bags

Carry a stainless water bottle-No more plastic water bottles

Opt for a cone when ordering ice cream

Soda Stream or glass bottled instead of plastic bottled soda & sparkling water

Fresh bread bagged in paper

Buy milk in bottles

No more frozen food

Buy from bulk bins and bring your own reusable bags

Same for your veges

Shop your local farmers market and return berry baskets

Use natural fiber cleaning cloths and scrubbers

Use bar soap

Opt for beauty supplies that are plastic-free and in plastic free containers

Avoid non-stick cookware

Use stainless steel ice cube trays

Use wood pencils 


Use natural kitty litter

Buy only natural material pet toys & stainless bowls

Refuse the mini bar

Choose natural fiber clothing

Use plastic & Styrofoam free packing materials

Get off junk mail mailing lists

Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: January 18, 2019