Just Having A Bad Day

By Shara Koplowitz

Just Having A Bad Day

I started my organizing business because I was ready to move on in my career and had a strong desire to do something I was passionate about.

Lately I  have been unusually busy juggling several clients (which is amazing!!).   I found myself working hard but not feeling as inspired as usual. It was bringing me down. I was worried and second guessing myself.

I voiced my feelings to a friend and he simply said sometimes you just have bad days.

It was so simple. I didn’t have to over analyze or create a huge drama…I just had to chalk it up to a bad day and suddenly the inspiration, motivation and joy came flooding back.

There are many lessons that come to mind here but the one that resonates most with me is how important it is to have a good support system. I didn’t keep my feelings bottled up because I trusted my friend and knew he was listening to what I was saying.  I also felt like he was able to see the situation for what it was.

I tend to painstakingly analyze every situation and I tend to think I am always right,  so it felt great being able to trust someone else’s viewpoint and not exhaust myself worrying about something that did not exist.

The next time you’re having a hard day at work, or just down and feel like your having a life crisis,  please ask yourself if your just having a bad day. It can take the weight of the world off your shoulders, trust me.

Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: February 15, 2013