The Worst Day Ever…When I Lost My Dog

By Shara Koplowitz

The Worst Day Ever…When I Lost My Dog

My worst day ever was when I thought I lost my dog Gigi.

I walk my dogs Georgie & Gigi everyday (obviously).  We had developed a routine where Gigi would cut through a neighbors yard to look for their cat and I would meet her around the corner on the other side.  We did this every day without a hitch.

One day on our usual walk, Gigi didn’t come out on the other side.  I was beyond confused.

I ran back around the block and there was no sign of her.  I ran up and down the street like a crazy person screaming for her.  I was hysterical.  I ran up to the two people I saw on the street and neither had seen her.  I saw a gardener in a neighbors yard and asked if he saw anything.  He tried to tell me that he saw a car stop and pick Gigi up.  I was beside myself and I didn’t know what to do.

I crumbled to the ground and just started balling.  A girl walked by and asked if she could help.  I told her Gigi was missing.  The kind woman was a dog walker and she said she would post to Twitter and see if anyone found or mentioned her.  I went inside and called the police.  They actually sent a patrol car out and filed a report.  Once they left, Georgie and I were alone and I thought I was never going to see my Gigi again.

Hours later, the dog walker called me and told me she thinks she found my dog.  She forwarded me a picture from twitter and it was Gigi in someone’s house.  She hadn’t heard back from the person that had posted the picture but we knew she was ok.  Gigi was home later that night and I made sure I activated her microchip and got a new tag, etc.

So, yesterday I took the girls (my dogs) to the park and we saw a Dalmatian running down a busy street and almost get hit by several cars.  A girl and I ran after the dog and threw one of my leashes around his neck.  He had run out of an apartment complex so we asked the management if they knew whose dog it was.  They did not and told us they would call animal control to come get the dog. We gave our phone numbers to the office and left.

I decided to take the dog with me.  It was at that point that I didn’t know what else to do.

I was so rattled that I started driving around with three amped up dogs in my backseat and no destination in mind.  I pulled over and called my dog walker.  She said I should go to a vet and see if the dog was chipped.  I did and the dog was.  Unfortunately, the chip was not registered and it was a dead end.

I brought the dogs home and jumped on Facebook and Twitter with a photo of the dog. My dog walker had posted a Found Dog ad on Craigslist too.

After a couple of hours I received a call from the apartment managers.  The owner had just moved into the apartment complex and the dog had escaped.  Niko (I had already renamed the dog Max) was picked up and the ordeal was over.

I’m posting about this because both experiences were very emotional, confusing and I think important.

If you have dogs, make sure you have dog tags and chips updated. If you see a dog in distress, help out.  There are people out there that will help you and the good you are doing for the family the dog belongs to is immeasurable.


Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: June 4, 2013