“Organizer Organizes Herself”

By Shara Koplowitz

“Organizer Organizes Herself”

After starting a new business and being fortunate enough to see it take off has been a dream come true.  I am however having trouble managing all of my personal stuff.  I spend my days problem solving for families and making their homes run more efficiently, while my own home needs TLC.

I have decided to officially organizing myself.

I started this weekend by tackling small tasks and completing each project from start to finish…that included decluttering, rearranging, and labeling.

My first project was simple and quite eye-opening.  I decided to clean out my fridge.  I started by throwing out all expired food.  I could not believe how many bottles ended up in the trash.  A jam-packed condiment door soon became a clean space with room for milk, juice, eggs and a simple shelf for the condiments and dressings.

Next up were my jeans.  I usually have to try on 3-4 pairs of jeans before deciding on a pair to wear out. So, I decided to try on every pair and take note.  I removed all of the jeans that were outdated or just looked bad and put them in a donation box.  Next, I sorted by category: Boyfriend, Cropped, Skinny, etc.  I also put the jeans that needed alterations in a separate bag and labeled them so I didn’t accidentally try them on in my mad dash to get dressed. Finding a pair of pants was easier than ever today.

I did my sheets, my supplies, my organizing kit and it all feels great BUT it is tough. I empathize with those who are overwhelmed by their clutter and I completely understand hiring someone else to help get it done!


Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: September 21, 2013