“DIY” Company Branding

By Shara Koplowitz

“DIY” Company Branding

I learned from a previous experience launching a company that you should not invest a ton of money on company stationary, packaging, business cards, etc. right away. It adds to your start-up costs and you always end up needing to make changes.  I have held off for almost a year simply because I haven’t had time to focus.

When I started O.P.E.N., I spent a lot of time researching and found my web designer through a friend and my logo designer, business card designer and printers all on Etsy at very reasonable prices.  The quality was good and perfect for my start-up needs.

I have actual needs for additional stationary items and I’m ready to start investing in my brand identity. rather than hire someone to come up with ideas (and spend more money),  I am playing around with different ways to use my logo and  identifying the items I truly need for everyday business use.

Using round one inch stickers I ordered early on from VistaPrint, randomly accumulated cute paper items and a rubber stamp I purchased on Etsy, I started toiling with some ideas that I thought I’d share.


Author: Shara Koplowitz

Date Published: December 8, 2013